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Dear Business Professional,

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, an improper accounting system is one of the leading causes of business failure. Don't become a statistic. Order your FREE, no-obligation copy of AccountMate’s new and informative Financial Check-up booklet, and discover whether your business and financial management system is good for the health of your business. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has dramatically increased the amount of attention being paid to business financials and methods. If you are still using an outdated accounting system, you may find yourself frustrated by trying to comply with the requirements of this Act.


Does Your System?


  • Make it easy for your team to stay in touch with the health of your business?

  • Can your system be customized to satisfy your unique business needs?

  • Have lot-controlled and serialized inventory capabilities?

  • What about multi-tiered pricing bill of materials and/or kitting-on-the-fly?

  • Have a segmented General Ledger account structure that can be expanded as your business grows?

  • Have customer-specific pricing?


Get the power, today!

Does your financial software “ADD UP”? Do the math. If your accounting system is increasing your frustration, instead of your efficiency, its time we talked! Regardless of the direction your business takes, and no matter how significantly it changes, you can shape AccountMate to fit your needs now and into the future. Simply provide your name, address and phone number on the form below and fax this letter to (617) 738-8601, mail it to the address below, or you can e-mail your request for a copy.



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Yes! Please send me a free copy of the AccountMate Financial Check-up booklet.



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