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August/September 2011 Micro Management Technologies Newsletter / Issue 7 

August/September Newsletter
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  This newsletter is for the financial executive who is responsible for the financial health of your company. It offers topics of concern to financial managers, and a resource for solutions and information on the day-to-day issues of the busy financial executive. If you do not care to receive this newsletter, please forward to the appropriate, CFO, VP Finance, Treasurer, Controller, or appropriate person in your company, so they may subscribe. You may unsubscribe by clicking here  
  About us  
Micro Management Technologies, Inc. helps its customers manage their businesses by providing the right software to preserve business assets, manage expenses and operate more efficiently. Packaged solutions by such developers as SAGE and  ACCOUNTMATE, are integrated into our solutions.  

 Installation and support are an integral part of    the comprehensive solution. Future issues will focus on topics for the hands-on financial manager. Companies already using our solutions will find the in depth technical tips of particular interest.

Accounting, Manufacturing,
Distribution and Retail Applications
Multi-Platform Networking, CRM 

Database, Productivity, Office,  

Utility and Antivirus software

Document Imaging Solutions

Technical Support

Contract Programming

                                                              Monthly Product Focus  

 TIP: How to erase files securely--   

Do you know the difference

between "Reporting" vs BI?






This issue focuses on a hosted accounting solution as an alternative to ownership and update concerns. It can also lower your acquisition costs. Features include: off site remote access; level costs; Secure environment; Easy growth.


  This product focus is on:  


          Accountmate Software SaaS




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