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Business software consulting, reseller, solutions provider:


                         -Conduct Needs Analyses to assess impact of technology changes

                   -State-of-the-Art knowledgeable consultants to help you get your

                      projects  completed on time

                   -Out of the Box”, ready–to- run, pre-packaged solutions from our

                      development partners

                  -Accounting Solutions

                  -Database solutions

                  -Productivity and security solutions

                  -Networking products and solutions, including network design, setup and   


                  -Network consulting, including wireless applications


Software Modifications/Applications Development.:


                 -Modifications to pre-packaged solutions to get our clients up and running faster

                modified to the specific needs of our clients’ businesses

             -On-site, or off-site development

             -Outsource your development project to MMT.


Contract Programming Services :


   -Our consultants are skilled in the latest technologies to help our clients achieve the   

    anticipated  benefits quickly.

   -Short-term and/or long-term assignments


System Implementation Assistance:


    -Data conversion assistance

    -On-site operator training

   -On-going technical support and upgrade assistance.



 Key User Benefits  to working with us:


Client gets a solution that is compatible with the company's business processes, without compromising functionality. Client also gets the benefit of full time staff, but not the payroll costs. On-site training provides the specific skills required to immediately realize the benefits of the company's investment. On-going support and advice keeps the company informed of technology options in order to stay competitive. Remote computing in a secure environment




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